Book Building Blocks

A complete and publish-ready children's book needs to have all the materials necessary to fully architect it. If you are an aspiring children's book author, be prepared with the following essential building blocks: 1) The Story Text - for early readers, your text can be very basic, but essential for setting up the most important element of your book. For advancing readers, more robust text and storytelling should take place, but also set up the most important element of your book......... 2) The Illustrations - the backbone of any children's book. Ensure your illustrations are exactly what you want and what best represents the story visually that you are trying to tell. 3) Book Front Cove

The Art of the Matter

In the castle of Children's Books, illustrations are king. A children's book author's focus on text and story crafting will likely take far less time than actually articulating their vision for each picture accompanying their story text. I spend a significant amount of time writing detailed requirements for my illustrator. Below is an example of my book cover requirements for Lisa Goes to England and what my illustrator was able to do with them: I had a very clear vision of what I wanted and put a lot of thought and time writing up enough of a description to get that but to also give the illustrator enough space to let their creativity shine. That way, you'll usually be more than happy w


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