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For Your GRAMMY®  Consideration

Best Children's Music Album

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"Amazing World" by Patrick Adams

Amazing World - Patrick Adams.png

"Amazing World" is the debut album by Patrick Adams and all of the songs are inspired by his children's books.  Each song tells a fun story, with exciting musical stylings for each and vibrant storytelling that transports you right into his books.  

Patrick Adams released his first children's book in 2015 and his first single in 2018.  He has not only published his 10 books from his "Amazing Lisa" and "Rhythm's World" series, but has helped other authors publish their children's books.  He brings that same love of the children's entertainment community to his music, his album and his podcast, "Kindie Rock Stars".

Click on the links below to hear the songs on Spotify and see the music videos.

The Songs!

Tea With the Queen.jpg

Inspired by Lisa Goes to England


Inspired by Lisa Goes to France


Inspired by Lisa Goes to Australia


Inspired by Lisa Goes to India


Inspired by Lisa Goes to Japan


Inspired by the Amazing Lisa children's book series


Inspired by The World of Rhythm


Inspired by Rhythm's Fantastic Friends!


Inspired by Rhythm's World Tour Vol 1 - North America


Inspired by Rhythm's World Tour Vol 2 - Europe


Inspired by Rhythm Meets Lyric

Rhythm’s World Song Art.JPG

Inspired by the Rhythm's World children's book series

The Videos!

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