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Have a Great Idea for a Children's Book? Make it Happen!

If you have an idea, concept or vision for a children's book, you are already half-way to making it a reality. Bringing it to life is a matter of desire, dedication and persistence. I know....I was there at one point. I had a concept, vision and the first few stories already written. To turn that into a book that sits in your hands as you thumb through the pages of something that would not exist if it wasn't for YOU is exhilarating beyond words.

I've been through this process many times now. It doesn't get any less exciting. I've mastered it to the point where I am now helping others who have great ideas for a children's book. I'd love to make this happen for you.

With this blog, I'll be focusing on many topics around the creation of children's books. There are many areas of detail to focus on and many pitfalls I can help you to avoid. I hope you find it interesting, informative, and in some cases, funny.

Do you have a great idea for a Children's Book?

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