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Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-952472-04-6

Paperback ISBN: 978-1514811313         

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9967682-0-7

Holly is a little girl who loves adventures and has a big imagination. Jonathan, the younger brother, always seem to have something up his sleeve. Daniel, the older brother, loves to see famous places and plans all their adventures. Lisa, Holly’s magical stuffed animal, keeps her entertained and looks after her when they go on adventures. Join all four as they discover wonderful sites, meet a very famous woman and find out how Lisa gets the kids out of trouble on their trip to England.

Meet the Cast!


Lisa is a magical stuffed

animal who loves adventure


Holly is a creative young girl

with a big imagination


Jonathan is a fun loving

kid who likes a bit of mischief


Daniel is the responsible older

brother who is very smart

       Special Guest Star

       Queen Elizabeth! 

Hosts Holly and Lisa for a

special visit to her castle

A lovely adventure for three children and the girl's toy! My 6 year-old granddaughter enjoyed it and read it well!! Highly recommended..

5 Star Review -


What a fun book to read with the kids! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

5 Star Review -

Lisa Goes to England is a beautifully written children’s picture book featuring a magical stuffed animal named Lisa and three siblings, Holly, Daniel and Jonathan.  In the book, the characters embark on an exciting adventure through England. The book features many of the important places and landmarks in England including castles, bridges and the Ferris wheel. In addition, the book has a unique twist! Lisa transforms into a pink flying horse!  This book is a perfect resource for parents who want to encourage their kids to travel and experience other cultures.

- Review by the Book Excellence Awards

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