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Readers Favorite Page - Lisa Goes to England

"It is a good book that will encourage children to learn about new places and will enable them to develop an interest in traveling to distant lands and discovering the customs and cultures there. Lisa, Holly, Jonathan, and Daniel are real and relatable characters and young readers will be able to identify with them. Illustrations always form an important part of any children’s storybook and this book also makes the concept clear with its charming illustrations. Apart from telling readers about the important places of interest, the story has an adventurous angle which makes the story fascinating. It is a good book to have in school libraries because of its educational content, and teachers and educators can use it for read aloud or story-telling sessions in classrooms."

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Book Excellence Page - Lisa Goes to India

The Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards competition that recognizes books for their high quality design, writing and overall market appeal.

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Hot Diggity Awards Page - Rhythm's World Tour Vol 2: Europe

What makes it Hot Diggity great: "A fun way to learn about geography, landmarks, and customs of different countries. Nice illustrations."

Amazing World - Patrick Adams.png

Hot Diggity Awards Page - Amazing World Album

What. makes it Hot Diggity great: Wonderful songs that take the listener on an adventure. Great for the entire family.

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National Parenting Product Award Page - Kindie Rock Stars Podcast

Kindie Rock Stars Podcast

Kindie Rock Stars Podcast is dedicated to showcasing the amazing talents of children’s musicians and family entertainers. Each episode features an artist story, song story and song.

“Patrick Adams is a children’s book author as well as a kids’ musician. If that isn’t enough, Adams also has launched a podcast that celebrates his fellow creators of children’s music and books (so far it has been mainly musicians, however). Since starting the Kindie Rock Star in July, he has basically been released an episode a day. Each episode generally lasts from 12-20 minutes (although some are longer) and features Adams interviewing his guest and ends with one of the guest’s songs. The interviews, which are aimed for all ages (as opposed to being geared just for kids), deliver some interesting insights into the guests’ lives, careers, and their creative process. The Kindie Rock Star podcast serves a great source for both parents and children to learn more about the kids musicians they know or for discovering kindie acts they aren’t familiar with yet.”

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Maincrest Media Award Page - The World of Rhythm

The World of Rhythm by Patrick Adams is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that introduces young readers to musical instruments from all around the world. Each page features the main character, Rhythm, playing a different musical instrument, with her clothing and the background setting changing based on the instrument she is playing. For example, when Rhythm is playing the ukulele, she is wearing a traditional Hawaiian dress and shown in a beach setting. The text is written in a simple, easy to read manner, making the book a great read aloud for children ages 0-3. The bright, colorful illustrations will captivate a little one’s attention and provide good teaching opportunities for them start to recognize the shapes and names of instruments. Through repetition, it will encourage toddlers to develop their vocabulary and language skills. Young ones will delight in The World of Rhythm, as it brings the fun back into learning.


National Parenting Product Award Page - Adventure Time with Patrick

“Patrick Adams is name familiar to children music fans for his ongoing podcast Kindie Rock Stars, which he launched shortly after releasing his first album, Amazing World, in 2021. Travel Time arrived in 2022, and Adventure Time is his latest effort. As the titles suggest, Adams likes to give his albums a theme. The “Adventures” he sings are fun things that families can do together – from doing zip lining, rock climbing, and roller coasters to going camping or the beach. Musically, this energetic album cruises along fueled by upbeat synth pop sound. It will especially appeal to parents who still just can’t enough of bands like Depeche Mode, OMD, and Soft Cell. Adams does shift gears nicely throughout the album, such as injecting a revved up electric guitar solo to “Go Kart Racer” and pumping up the funk (complete with disco-style backing vocals) on “Beach Bonanza.” Adams’ observational, descriptive writing – whether he is singing about playing VR games or riding a water slide – can also easily lend itself to inspire families to come up with their own songs about the things they do in their own lives.”

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