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New Album from Patrick Adams featuring songs inspired by his love of travel, featuring songs from the lenses of kids of all ages.

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It's wonderful to see, hear and sample songs by dads who create musical diaries. These works frame such times shared with their children for future memoriesBoth parent and child will look back on these days and smile! Patrick Adams is one such musical dad. He asked me to take a listen to his latest original collection entitled Travel Time with Patrick.His songs (17 in all)  are a host of all kinds of subjects that also have a variety of musical styles which both he and his kids have lived through. Song styles on this album vary from a raw 90's grunge stylings to a Lou Reed punk feel with a dash of Brian Eno new age. He sticks with simple repetative  lyrics for his young kids to absorb. It helps them retain the idea and set rhymes to. On  a first listen through, I wasn't sure where his album was going, but n a second listen I got it. They are diaries and first impressions for the very young that you can sing with Dad in the car of a day on vacation or a moment, sight or smell that sticks from that moment. In doing that for a child must tip my hat to him!

Here are a few title highlights of this album that you will certainly take you on a mind vacation. His opening songs are Travel Time &  Road Trip with lots of repetition in the lyrics as he sets the tone for all the songs that follow. . Then see how your kids react to:Above the Clouds,  Hotels and Motels , while songs like "Fun on a Cruise Ships" have a good ocean feel. Small Boats is a wonderful well produced duet fantasy. Hot Air Balloon does a clever job in lyrics of people getting smaller as the balloon gets higher.  Enjoy this Dad's song collection and free rides with Patrick's kids along with your kids. 


Travel Time With Patrick by Patrick Adams is a full 17 track Kindie rock album all themed to transportation.  Perfect for a road trip as I listened to it, or the soundtrack to your vacation.  Patrick’s vocals and clever lyrics remind me of Gibby Haynes (look him up and you may know the band) and are sometimes accompanied by guests vocalists, my favorite of which was “Above The Clouds” featuring EVT Kids. As a fan of new wave and post-punk music, Patrick’s synth sounds and playing particularly had me impressed, I may just ask to collaborate on a future project!


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