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Comprehensive Self Publishing Consulting

Do you have a vision for your book and want to get it to the market?  I will help you from point A to point Z of the self-publishing process.  For $299, we will cover ISBN assignment, copyrighting, preparation of the book and registry into a self publishing portal.

Not covered but also available is an Illustrator and Book Trailer creation for your book once complete.

I Need an Illustrator!

Do you have the text written for your Children's Book, and now need outstanding illustrations?  Patrick Adams Books, LLC can help.  We represent Joey A Dimaguila, a very talented artist.  Please click the button below to be taken to our page where we can start understanding your illustration needs.  Prices starting at $40 for a half page illustration.

Assign Me an ISBN

All published books need an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).  I have a supply of these and can provide you numbers for your paperback and eBook.  The cost is $15 per ISBN.

Copyright Filing

To protect your work, you must file for a copyright and submit your work.   I'll coordinate filing your work with the copyright office for $65.

Picture Book Text Placement

One of the trickiest things with a picture book is placing the text either in or around the illustrations.  I'll help you with placement of the text in your book, including proper Font types, for $75.

CreateSpace Set Up

I'll work with you to set your book up in Createspace, which will make your book available in Amazon sites globally, along with expanded distribution to other stores such as Barnes & Noble and Books A Million.  This also includes eBooks.  I'll coordinate this process for you for $10.

Proof Review

One of the final steps in the process is to receive your book proof and give it one last check before publishing.  For $10, I will guide you through this process and get your book ready for the market.

eBook File Creation (.epub and .mobi files)

If you'd like to have your book available by eBook, I can help you prepare your book for upload by creating a .mobi file (Amazon Kindle) and .epub file (Nook, Kobo, etc).  File conversion will be $75 for each file type.

Publish Through Patrick Adams Books, LLC

If I have been helping you coordinate the set up of your book, I'll be happy to publish the book through my company, Patrick Adams Books, LLC.  For a one time fee of $99, I will finalize the book for the marketplace and then relinquish all rights to you, the author.

Book Trailer Creation

A great marketing tool for your book is a Book Trailer, previewing what your book is all about in a 1-3 minute mini-movie.  I can create a Book Trailer for you.  Please click the button to be taken to my page to start the process.

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