Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-952472-07-7

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9988416-3-2         

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9988416-4-9

Amazing Lisa is a magical stuffed animal that can come to life and transform into anything. Holly, an imaginative and happy young girl, had Amazing Lisa mysteriously show up in her life one day and have become inseparable. Daniel and Jonathan are Holly’s older brothers, and Daniel spends a lot of time keeping Jonathan out of trouble!

Join all four on travel adventures around the world! After visiting England, France and Australia, they head to the exotic and beautiful country of India to visit Daniel’s pen pal, Priya. What sort of trouble will Jonathan get into? What will Amazing Lisa turn into? What incredible sites will they see in India? Find out all of this and more in Lisa Goes to India.

Meet the Cast!


Lisa is a magical stuffed

animal who loves adventure


Holly is a creative young girl

with a big imagination


Jonathan is a fun loving

kid who likes a bit of mischief


Daniel is the responsible older

brother who is very smart

Lisa Goes to India is a captivating children’s picture book by Patrick Adams. The fun-filled story transports readers to India as it follows the journey of Holly, Lisa, Jonathan, and Daniel.  The colorful illustrations invite young readers to learn about Indian customs, cultures and famous landmarks such as the Taj Mahal.  It’s an exciting and engaging adventure that will encourage children to travel and become global citizens.

- Review by the Book Excellence Awards


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