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Kindie Rock Stars - A Podcast and Radio Show for Children and Children's Musicians

I entertained the idea of doing a podcast first back in 2019. I was going to call it "Book It! With Patrick Adams". It was going to be all about children's books and authors/illustrators that created them. At the time, I had only released one song and had not dove head first into music. But I struggled with a few things about the whole idea of a podcast:

1) Would anyone care about it or listen to it?

2) Would any authors or illustrators want to take part?

3) Could I fit that into my schedule?

4) How do I podcast??

I shelved the idea and instead took 2019 and 2020 to work on music. In early 2021, I had the opportunity to start supporting a new radio station for kids and families called Jump105.3 Pittsburgh. As part of this relationship, I was able to piece 2 shows together around the books and songs from my Rhythm's World and Amazing Lisa children's series. I then had an opportunity to create a weekly show for the station. And then the idea hit - create a spotlight for children's musicians and their songs. The idea became a combination podcast and radio show called Kindie Rock Stars.

Now that I had the concept and a layout for the show as well as a way for guests to schedule an appointment, I needed guests! On the Facebook group page called KindieComm, I put a post on there one day, and before I knew it, I had 30 appointments scheduled!

Season 1 of interviews ran from August through September 2021, and new episodes were released every day between August and November. This podcast introduced me to so many incredibly amazing, talented and wonderful people making important music for kids, and I'm thankful every day for that. It also got picked up in Europe on Radio Kuken, expanding the potential reach for my guests.

I encourage you to check out my Kindie Rock Stars page here on my website and download some of the episodes. Please share with friends and get the word out. I, along with these great artists, always appreciate the support!

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