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Building a Character: Amazing Lisa

The most dynamic character of my Amazing Lisa children's book series is Lisa herself.  She a stuffed animal with incredible powers.  She can talk, she speaks all languages and she can transform into absolutely anything.  She appeared to Holly, another key character, one day in her school locker.  She is the key part of the travel adventures of Holly and her older brothers Daniel and Jonathan.

I introduced Lisa in the book Lisa Goes to England without any back story about her.  She was just there, doing magical things and was already part of the family.  The same held true in Lisa Goes to France and Lisa Goes to Australia.  It wasn't until Lisa Goes to India that I explained how Holly found Lisa.  She appeared in her school locker one day after Holly prevented a young girl from being bullied.  This is the first hint at an origin story and a character arc that I always intended to build for this story.  Who is Amazing Lisa and where did she come from and why did she appear to Holly?  And.....are there more like her?

Lisa Goes to Brazil included another hint at a larger and mysterious story about Lisa. 

Lisa Goes to Italy is the 7th book of the Amazing Lisa series and the story will begin to take an exciting turn around the character of Lisa.  I've always planned this as a 15 book series, with a truly fascinating character and world to build, on top of an introduction to kids about cool places around the world.

I hope you and your kids will join me on this trip.  Books in the Amazing Lisa series can be found here:

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