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Book Building Blocks

A complete and publish-ready children's book needs to have all the materials necessary to fully architect it. If you are an aspiring children's book author, be prepared with the following essential building blocks:

1) The Story Text - for early readers, your text can be very basic, but essential for setting up the most important element of your book. For advancing readers, more robust text and storytelling should take place, but also set up the most important element of your book.........

2) The Illustrations - the backbone of any children's book. Ensure your illustrations are exactly what you want and what best represents the story visually that you are trying to tell.

3) Book Front Cover - A well designed and eye catching book cover may hook potential buyers in. Go all out in creating the best representation of your book visually.

4) Book Back Cover - This space can be used for additional illustrations, author logo and social media information or anything that the author chooses. A nice Thank You to the readers is this Architect's preferred message.

5) Copyright - A page dedicated to your established copyright information. This is one of legalities needed to protect your work and prevent it from being illegally duplicated. Copyrights can be filed with the copyright office.

6) ISBN - A 10 digit and 13 digit book identifying number. Consider it a book's Social Security Number. ISBN numbers can be obtained a few ways, using both a self publishing platform, or obtaining it yourself through Bowker.

7) Dedication Page - both the Author and Illustrator can list out anyone and everyone they want to thank or highlight. It can also be used to deliver a message to the reader.

8) About the Author - Time to tell the reader about YOU. Pick a great picture and then tell your story.

9) About the Illustrator - Give your Illustrator some love. They did excellent work on the Backbone of your book.

You may have elements unique to you and your book, but the building blocks above give you the foundation you need to architect your children's book!

Please contact me at if you are an aspiring author, have a story, and need help architecting it into a beautiful children's book!

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