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Bringing Your Children's Book's Main Character to Life!

Amazing Lisa Plush Toy with Book Series

Your children's book idea can be much more than the book itself. I created my Amazing Lisa book series knowing full well that I wanted my main character to be identifiable, iconic and brought to life. A few years ago, I commissioned Budsies to create a prototype of my Amazing Lisa character in her original form, that of a stuffed toy dog. I was thoroughly pleased with the result. My Amazing Lisa character transforms into a new form in each book, so if I should choose to expand my plush toy offering, I have several options.

Do you have a children's book character you can bring to life? Here are some pros and cons of going through the process of creating it:


1 - Additional monetizing opportunity with expanded product offerings

2 - Marketing possibilities, both online and in stores

3 - Ability to package the toy with your book(s) at discounted rates


1 - Cost of creating the stuffed toy and placing bulk orders. Do your research on the most economic ways of mass creating your toy.

2 - Determining a fair price. There is a lot of competition out there, and recouping the cost of creating the stuffed toys could lead you to price it out of the market.

3 - Storing your product. I have a lot of Amazing Lisa toys available and have to carve out space for them.

In the end, I am happy I have these to offer along with the Amazing Lisa series of books. I have sold several as part of a package with the book, and I'm certain the availability of this product was key to the sale of the book as well.

Interested in bringing yours to life?

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